Disk Antivirus Professional Virus – Removal

Disk Antivirus Professional – this page contains information about the Disk Antivirus Professional program. Please note: this program is completely fake and has been recently been classified as a major computer virus. On this page you will find information that will help you to permanently remove Disk Antivirus Professional from you computer with our easy-to-use 3-Step instructions. 


The Disk Antivirus Professional is a computer virus that must be removed in order for the infected computer to work properly again. It has been made to appear just like most other antivirus programs and computer security programs. The malicious people behind this virus have designed it to look this in order to fool its victims into “purchasing” the fake program. If you are seeing this program running on your computer we highly recommend removing at soon as possible. See our 3-Step virus removal instruction below to remove Disk Antivirus Professional.


Disk Antivirus Professional virus

Disk Antivirus Professional Virus- screenshot



How to Remove Disk Antivirus Professional Virus

The Disk Antivirus Professional virus and all of its malicious files must be removed in order for you computer to run properly again. This virus will not go away on its own. Our testing center has developed an easy 3-Step instruction process that will include the best virus removal software to permanently remove this virus. Our instructions have been tested and will work to remove this infection. We also have 24 hour tech support to assist with anyone who is having issues removing this virus. Our site has been trusted by thousands of people for removing these kinds of viruses.


3 Easy Steps to Remove the Disk Antivirus Professional Virus

This section will show you some proven techniques used by our virus removal experts to permanently remove the Disk Antivirus Professional Computer Virus warning. The instructions we suggest have long been the standard in virus removal by technicians for computers running the Windows Operating System by Microsoft. These instructions will work for the following Windows versions: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Virus Removal Instructions

These instructions are to be performed on the infected computer. The steps suggested below will only work if they are performed in the exact order that they are presented.

1. Start the Computer in Safe Mode with Networking

See below to accomplish this step.

a. Before we get started, we Highly Recommend writing down the toll free phone number below in case you run into any problems removing the Disk Antivirus Professional Virus or need additional help.


If you need help, Just give us a call!

b. To Get Started: turn off the infected computer completely and wait 10 seconds or more and then turn it back on.

c. Next, when the computer is back on immediately begin pressing the “F8” key until you see the Windows Advanced Option Menu. The image below is what it will look like.


safe mode menu for virus removal

Disk Antivirus Professional Virus- Safe Mode Screenshot

d. To select Safe Mode with Networking use the arrow key down key and press ENTER.

e. The computer will continue to boot and begin running in safe mode. Next, download the virus removal software:


2. Download the Virus Removal Software

In this step we will show you a simple trick to bypass the Disk Antivirus Professional virus and install the virus removal software.

a. While in safe mode open the run command box.

b. To open the run command box simply press the “Windows” key and the “R” Key.

See images below

Windows Key and R Key for virus removal

Disk Antivirus Professional Virus- Shortcut Keys


Virus removal using a keyboard shortcut

Disk Antivirus Professional Virus- Keyboard Shortcut


c. Once you see the Run Box open, type in the following: iexplore http://www.pctuneup.org/fix and press OK. This will allow you to quickly install the virus removal software without being blocked by the Disk Antivirus Professional virus. See Image Below

Virus removal shortcut using the run box

Disk Antivirus Professional Virus- Run Box Shortcut


3. Installing the Virus Removal Software

This is the most important step to remove the virus. The software we suggest you to install has been tested by our experts and is prove to work to remove the Disk Antivirus Professional Virus.

a. After you have pressed the OK button and completed the last step you have begun to download and instal the virus removal software. You will be prompted and asked to either “RUN” or “SAVE” this file, CLICK RUN.


b. By clicking run you will have begun downloading a program called PC TuneUP Plus made by Essential Software. PC TuneUP Plus features the latest in virus removal technology and has one of the largest Malware and Virus databases in the world. PC TuneUP Plus is one of the only programs that offers Point & Click virus removal. This program will guide you the entire installation process.

c. Once you have run the Full Scan using PC TuneUP Plus, and followed the prompts to register your software, your virus should have been removed. Take a moment to reboot your computer and make sure it is running properly. If not, you may have a more serious issue. If this does happen, do not hesitate to call our hassle free virus removal help line.


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