FBI Virus – (Removal Help)

This page will explain the step-by-step instructions for how to remove the FBI Virus permanently from any computer along with providing useful information. The instructions at the bottom of this page have been designed to make the removal of the FBI virus easy and help as many people as possible.

FBI Virus is rogue software that presents itself and pretends to lock up the computer and make many false claims. It is categorized as scare-ware because hackers distribute it and try to scare individuals into paying for a crime they never committed. The program scares computer users and makes them believe their PC’s contain illegal music or performed illegal activities. With this, the virus convinces owners to pay for the “crimes” as it will allow them to use their computers properly again. Owners are unaware that both the threat and the claims are fake. They do no good for the computer. Instead, they block useful applications and slow down Internet browsing. The worst thing above all is that computer owners who pay the “fines” are actually paying the criminals who made the actual FBI Virus. The virus looks legitimate as it even provides seal that appears identical to the actual FBI badge and has other logos like MoneyPak and Kmart to make it appear real. Although, we have been able to find that this an actual virus and the people behind it are hackers, if you’re infected with the FBI virus scam you must remove it or it will continue to corrupt the computer it infects and possibly render it useless. This is why our experts highly recommend that anyone infected with this threat to follow the instructions below on this page and remove the FBI virus before it becomes too late. Below we show you a simple trick to use on the infected computer and will bypass the virus and help you remove the FBI virus permanently from your computer or call Instant Help Toll Free Number 1-800-980-0515.


Screen Shot of the FBI Virus Infection

FBI Moneypak Virus screenshot

The FBI Virus Screenshot



Please Note: that the FBI and the other company logos seen on this screenshot have nothing to do with this message. These images are being used by the hackers to trick their victims.






FBI Virus Scam

In many cases, this virus remains undetected for a long time. With this, the hackers may be able to track the user’s complete activity including the keystrokes. This certainly poses a great danger for the owners. It is important that computer users stay updated on the virus’ changing interfaces and notification messages. However, FBI Virus Removal methods remain the same. If left untreated, the computer may lose functionality entirely. The owners may have trouble with identity and credit theft. Computer owners are also vulnerable to becoming a victim of phishing, telephone and email scams. It can even disable legitimate anti-virus software. The virus attacks the computer through malicious downloads, video and audio codecs and software update popups. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to remove Fbi Virus. Another solution is to download antivirus and anti-malware software that can scan, detect and remove Fbi Virus effectively. Like other malicious software, it may have different faces and use alert messages that seem believable. This is why it is best that computer users educate themselves with the instructions below and successfully remove the virus from their computer.


How to Remove the FBI Virus

 3 Easy Steps to Remove the FBI Virus

This section will show you some proven techniques used by our virus removal experts to permanently remove the FBI Computer Virus warning. The instructions we suggest have long been the standard in virus removal by technicians for computers running the Windows Operating System by Microsoft. These instructions will work for the following Windows versions: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Virus Removal Instructions

These instructions are to be performed on the infected computer. The steps suggested below will only work if they are performed in the exact order that they are presented.

1. Start the Computer in Safe Mode with Networking

See below to accomplish this step.

a. Before we get started, we Highly Recommend writing down the toll free phone number below in case you run into any problems removing the FBI Virus or need additional help.


If you need help, Just give us a call!

b. To Get Started: turn off the infected computer completely and wait 10 seconds or more and then turn it back on.

c. Next, when the computer is back on immediately begin pressing the “F8” key until you see the Windows Advanced Option Menu. The image below is what it will look like.


safe mode menu for virus removal

FBI Virus- Safe Mode Screenshot

d. To select Safe Mode with Networking use the arrow key down key and press ENTER.

e. The computer will continue to boot and begin running in safe mode. Next, download the virus removal software:


2. Download the Virus Removal Software

In this step we will show you a simple trick to bypass the FBI virus and install the virus removal software.

a. While in safe mode open the run command box.

b. To open the run command box simply press the “Windows” key and the “R” Key.

See images below

Windows Key and R Key for virus removal

FBI Virus- Shortcut Keys


Virus removal using a keyboard shortcut

FBI Virus- Keyboard Shortcut


c. Once you see the Run Box open, type in the following: iexplore http://www.pctuneup.org/fix and press OK. This will allow you to quickly install the virus removal software without being blocked by the FBI virus. See Image Below

Virus removal shortcut using the run box

FBI Virus- Run Box Shortcut

3. Installing the Virus Removal Software

This is the most important step to remove the virus. The software we suggest you to install has been tested by our experts and is prove to work to remove the FBI Virus.

a. After you have pressed the OK button and completed the last step you have begun to download and instal the virus removal software. You will be prompted and asked to either “RUN” or “SAVE” this file, CLICK RUN.

b. By clicking run you will have begun downloading  a program called SpyHunter4 made by Enigma Software. Spyhunter4 features the latest in virus removal technology and has one of the largest Malware and Virus databases in the world. Spyhunter4 is one of the only programs that offers Point & Click virus removal. This program will guide you the entire installation process.

c. Once you have run the Full Scan using Spyhunter4, and followed the prompts to register your software, your virus should have been removed.  Take a moment to reboot your computer and make sure it is running properly. If not, you may have a more serious issue. If this does happen, do not hesitate to call our hassle free virus removal help line.


Tech Support VIrus Removal



  1. darvin lord says:

    Does any one make a antivires software that will keep you from getting the fbi vires.

    • pctuneup.org says:


      Here are a few programs that should provide excellent protection against the FBI Virus and many other infections. It is important to note that being protected and removing are 2 totally separate functions of Antivirus programs. Some may only protect from these infections and others will only remove them once you have been infected.

      Here are some of those Antivirus Programs which provide protection:

      Norton Antivirus
      Spyware Doctor with Antivirus
      Trend Micro
      AVG Antivirus

      There may be other programs that will protect from viruses but keep in mind that only a few of these programs will remove the FBI virus once it is already infecting the computer. The program that works best for that is SpyHunter and Spyware Doctor. Spyhunter works best.

      *The Instructions we provide above have been proven to work much better than any other program or procedure out there.

      • Norton doesn’t stop it either. I have Norton, it’s up to date and I still got the virus

        • pctuneup.org says:

          We are sorry to hear that. Try the instructions found on this page they should work with no problems for you. We tested all the major antivirus products against this virus and found that only Spyhunter4 was able to remove it entirely and provide protection against it from ever coming back. If for some reason this is too complex or difficult you may call our toll free number for help 1-800-980-0515.


          • Jesse weaver says:

            I had malwarebytes antivirus and still got the virus. It wil not remove it either.

          • pctuneup.org says:


            We had similar experiences when we tested malwarebytes against the FBI Virus. Although malwarebytes is usually a great program for removing viruses, it seems to struggle greatly with these current FBI virus variants.

            So far, Spyhunter4 is the best program for removing the FBI virus permanently. In the instructions above we show you how to remove the FBI Virus and permanently remove it with Spyhunter.

            Please Note: PCTuneUp.ORG does not own or operate Spyhunter or any other software program. We focus our efforts on finding the best programs to fix PC’s and help them run better.

            *if you know a program that has worked to remove the “FBI Virus”, please email us and we will have our research department do a full scale virus replication with it. Please do not submit any of the major brands as we have already tested and continue to test them on a regular basis.

    • I just used the Spyhunter software to remove the FBI virus from my Dell Insprion PC. Worked as planned. It was a little hard to get my PC to start up in the safe mode, but when I finally did, it worked perfectly. I would recommend SH to anyone! Hope this helps.

  2. Eaglebay11 says:

    AVG does NOT BLOCK the FBI virus. I have it, it is up to date, and still I got the virus! AVG sucks!

    • pctuneup.org says:

      We are sorry to hear that. AVG is a great program but this “FBI virus” is very aggressive and has so many variations that makes it very difficult for a lot of these antivirus programs to keep up with the constant Malware definitions updates. We can say that Spyhunter’s Malware team is dedicated to making sure it will remove this virus. If you follow the instructions above exactly as they are shown, you should have no problems removing the “FBI virus”. We encourage anyone to contact us or call our Toll Free number 1-800-980-0515 – if they need further assistance.

  3. I just got infected, and spyhunter is scanning now… it says I have 51 threats!!! Like holy crap this thing is probably going to make my computer preform like a rocket at this rate! Thank you so much!

  4. So i think i may have the “FBI virus” and so i turn my laptop off and turn it back on but this time i go to my guest user profile (which i’m using right now and is working perfectly fine) and the FBI thing doesn’t pop up anymore and so then i went and switched users and it only pops up on my personal profile what does this mean? And how do i know it’s not an actuall block i’ve tried to search for answers and some say it’s fake and some say it’s real.

    • pctuneup.org says:

      Omar- From what you are describing, you still have the virus on the computer. The FBI Virus is a malicious file on your computer. It will not go away until you remove it. Try the instructions on this page or call our virus removal help line.

      We hope this helps!

  5. I actually used this program and it works! It worked and my computer is back to normal. Time to get a Mac. Thanks!

  6. I can’t even do the first step. I get a blue screen when I select Safe Mode w/wo Networking.

    What now?

    • pctuneup.org says:

      We are very sorry to hear that this is happening. This happens when the FBI virus has been on the computer for an extended period of time, probably unbeknownst to you.

      When this occurs it is best to call our tech support and they will kindly assist you on removing the FBI virus. Our tech support is available 24 hours a day at toll free 1-800-980-0515.

  7. Thanks for making the removal process so easy! I followed the instructions and I am back up and running! The FBI virus is a nasty one!

  8. thank you

    • pctuneup.org says:

      You’re very welcome!

      It means a lot to our staff when we get these kinds of comments from our visitors.

      It is truly our pleasure to be able to assist you and the many others on this site.

      We are glad to know your PC is back and working better than normal!!

  9. While I was unable to remove this virus by followng these directions (virus was too far advanced) myself, The guys at pctuneup were able to eradicate the virus and clean up the computer remotely. It was totally worth it. It was a pretty involved process. Thanks Guys.

  10. I need help with the run command, i press window+r in safe mod but nothing comes up

    • pctuneup.org says:

      When this happens it usually means that the virus has begin to corrupt the registry. To remove the virus and prevent further harm, call our Tech Support at 1-800-980-0515.

      We are always glad to help!

  11. I was so scared when I saw the FBI symbol!! Thanks for putting this up.

    • pctuneup.org says:

      Glad to help… This FBI virus can be removed either with our instructions or by calling our tech support 1-800-980-0515.

      It’s our pleasure to help!

  12. Any help would be really appreciated! I have the FBI virus and it has COMPLETELY highjacked my computer. I tried Safe with internet, safe mode, I have tried the command prompt it hoses everything – cant get in Safe mode, I cannot get past the first welcome. I disconnected from the internet cable – no dice and I also pulled the battery cord from inside the computer to try and purposely crash my computer – no dice.
    Again – anything would help This is XP – I would install the virus protection…

    • pctuneup.org says:

      Gayle- There are many version of the FBI Virus out there. It sounds like you have one that is in its advanced stages. Please call our tech support, they can remove it for you. 1-800-980-0515 – Thanks!

  13. My son got to the safe mode with networking and started using the computer in that mode. Of course, he got the FBI virus there too. Is there anyway around this or do I have ti get a new computer?

    • pctuneup.org says:

      Hello- the longer FBI Virus stays on the computer the more harm it may cause. Thats why you are seeing it run on safe mode. If you want to avoid buying a new computer you may call our tech support at 1-800-980-0515. After the virus is removed and we tune the computer back up, it will run like new or better.

      Hope this helps!

  14. I use malewarebytes and still got it

  15. geoff Green says:

    Great Software . Worked first time.

  16. I have 469 threats on my computer

  17. E Phoenix says:

    it found 2663 threats on my computer. hopefully it will help some other stuff.

    • pctuneup.org says:

      We are really glad to see this working for you guys!

      This make us fell great.

      It’s really our pleasure to be able to assist you guys in removing these malicious programs from your computers.


  18. My computers up and running again thanks you guys r awsome

  19. I use PC Tools Internet protection. Is this a good antivirus program?

    • pctuneup.org says:

      Yes, it is very good. The interface is a little trick for most people but if you can get around that it will work on this virus most of the time. Remember, you will need to do a full scan with that program and if you do a quick scan the program will not let run the full scan until you reboot it. Sometimes you will need to reinstall it as well. Spyhunter4 automatically does the full scan so it is much easier and effective.

      Hope this helps!

  20. 123nb ed783 says:

    if you shut down your computer will the virus still affect my computer

    • pctuneup.org says:

      These viruses are nothing more than a really malicious program designed to ruin your computer. So the longer they stay on the computer the more harm they can potentially do. If your computer is off it will not be running but it is still on the computer. And it will not go away until it is removed.

      We hopes this helps!

  21. concerned citz says:

    Thank you guys for the help! If it weren’t for you all, I’d be spending a lot of money most likely with those often rude people at geek squad! Hat off to you men and women!

  22. Got this fbi moneypak virus. Got right to the virus when started scan. Had already found the img files and base by ‘Utilnet’?(sp?). Found and eliminated. Great help.

  23. BK Express says:

    A THOUSAND THANKS to Spy Hunter!!

  24. Hey guys thank you alot. I am in the process of scanning my PC, now. When can I restore my computer. I was going to anyways when I had the virus, but those people at yoofix or whatever wanted me to pay 20 dollars a month for what I found here for free! They said that I should not restore the computer, but after the virus is gone, is that still a problem?

    • pctuneup.org says:

      You’re welcome! System restore is a last ditch effort and can cause files to be completely lost. We recommend doing the instructions on this page first, if you run into any issues please call our 24 hour tech support at 1-800-980-0515.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, these questions help other visitors with removing this virus.

  25. The “FBI virus” must be linked to computer through the internet as I unpluged the internet line and I was then able to start up my computer ‘as normal’ without the FBI virus taking over. I ran McAfee for virus detection like 6 times and no ‘virus’ was detected. I also ran my cookie cleaner every time that I ran McAfee as well; however, as soon as I reconnected the internet feed the FBI virus came back in full force….that’s when I investigated your website and found and downloaded ‘SpyHunter …..I’m very happy to say that the FBI virus was identified on the 1st scan successfully removed – I’m back in business!! YES!!!! Highly recommend!!!

    • pctuneup.org says:

      Great news!

      It is always our pleasure to help anyone with removing a virus or helping make their PC’s run better.

      We love what we do and will do anything we can help others with computer problems.

  26. I am trying to start my computer in Safe Mode with Network and it starts loading the software and as it starts windows in safe mode, it automatically switches from “logging in” to “shutting down” and it restarts again. HELP!!!

    • pctuneup.org says:

      lacolo- it sounds like the virus has gotten the best of your computer. If we had to guess it sounds like its been on there too long. Please call our 24 hour tech support at 1-800-980-0515.

      Please Note: the longer the virus stays on the PC’s the harder it may become to remove. We recommend removing it at the first sign of detection.

      Thanks for leaving this post as it may be very useful information to someone else.

    • pctuneup.org
      I’m sorry if i say that.
      I heard that some virus prevent or restrict access to “Safe Mode”Safe Mode with Networking” even “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”

      • Emily Nortons says:

        Cesar – you’re right it does happen sometimes. It usually happens when the virus has been on the computer too long. Its for that reason that we suggest removing any virus ASAP.

        However, if this does happen we recommend calling our virus support hotline at 1-800-980-0515 and one of our tech will fix it.

        Great comment! Hope this helps others too!

  27. got the fbi virus, found this on the web and it was removed!!! Thanks Spy Hunter!!!

    • pctuneup.org says:

      Matt- thanks for trusting us with this computer problem.

      We love these comments, they make the whole staff feel great!

  28. When I couldn’t get them on the phone I emailed and these guys wrote me back very fast and I liked their response so much I decided to download it. It worked in normal mode and I am super pleased. I like it better than AVG. Highly recommended!

    • pctuneup.org says:

      Gary- thanks so much!
      We are so glad you were able to remove this virus and now your son can get back to his project.
      AVG is a great program however it does not seem to work well for removing this particular virus.

  29. Thank you so much for your help my computer is now runing great but i just wanted to make sure the whole thing about fileing a criminal report if not payed is fake corect?

    • pctuneup.org says:

      You’re Welcome and thanks for trusting our instructions!

      Yes- the claims from the “FBI” virus are all fake.

  30. Thank you so much for this great program that found hundreds of threats. I feel much safer and less freaked out than when the FBI malware hit our computer.

    • pctuneup.org says:

      That’s Awesome! We love these kinds of comments and we love what we do!

      Thanks for trusting in us and please come back if you ever need help with your PC.

  31. Anna Elliott says:

    I came across this virus this afternoon. At first my heart started pumping but a closer read indicated I had a virus. I goggled the virus and your site appeared. I have antivirus software but it failed to do the job. I followed the easy direction s. at present it is 90% complete and has detected 841 threats. Wow! Thank you so much for helping me through this. You are the best. Thanks again,regards, Anna

    • pctuneup.org says:


      It is truly our pleasure to help you out. We work hard and do a lot of testing. Your comment is very satisfying to our staff.

      Thanks for trusting in us and we hope this never happens to you again!

  32. I got the FBI virus again what do I do

  33. Just got the fbi virus! Installed the software took care of problems!!!!! Thank you guys for the help! !!!!!!

    • pctuneup.org says:

      Thanks for trusting in us! We are very glad to hear you got this off your computer and everything is back and running normally again.

      It is truly our pleasure to serve you!

  34. This virus came at me yesterday during a routine browse of my favorite sites. I’m not sure where it came from, but I googled it, looked for fixes, and found this thread on it. I’m currently running SpyHunter4, my threats detected are at 487. I am absolutely appalled that even McAfee was inadequate to fight this thing off.

    • pctuneup.org says:

      McAffee is a great product but for some reason it is not working well to remove this particular infection at all. Remember, we test all the major virus removal programs to determine which program works best and is easiest to use. Spyhunter4 offers the easiest point and click virus removal out of all the programs out there.

      We are really glad this worked for you too!

  35. I have norton and so far this has found 67 threats, I am so happy I found this.

  36. Regina McCracken says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worked like a charm and was mych easier than
    Orher website info that i had reviewed!

  37. I just downloaded spy hunter and it worked like a charm for the FBI virus a few easy steps and the virus was gone.

    • pctuneup.org says:

      We are so glad for you! We try our hardest to make these instructions as easy as possible. We know the easier they are the more people we can help!

      Thanks Chris!

  38. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your instructions on regaining control of my PC through Safe mode and removing the FBI Virus with Spy Hunter 4, which I have.

    The PC is back to normal and the virus removed, after many hours of trying to reboot and working on this problem on my own. Your advice finally did the trick.

    You are the best! Thanks again. Rafi

  39. This is by far the most easiest process!! It definately helped remove the virus off my computer. I am 100% satisfied with the outcome. Thank you guys very much for the help and tips to remove the malicious virus.


  40. This virus was was a scary virus. Your anti-virus fixed my Computer . Thank You very

  41. Charlie says:

    The tech help was wonderful!

    • pctuneup.org says:


      It is our pleasure to help you remove the FBI virus. We do not stop testing and finding ways to remove this FBI virus. Due to our high demand, our tech support gets plenty of experience removing this infection.

      We understand just how frustrating having this virus your PC can be. We work very hard to make this as pleasant of an experience as possible.

      Glad we could help!

  42. Rev. Kenny says:

    FBI virus stopped me in my tracks!! Went to my wife’s computer, looked up” FBI $300″ found your site. You really saved me! Instructions were so clear, even I could do it!! Thanks! No more sleepless nights wondering about my computer! Spyhunter worked great!! Thanks again!!! Rev. Kenny

  43. Had the fbi virus and once i installed soyhunter and did scan my computer is up and running 110% with no more 606 threats

    • pctuneup.org says:


      We are glad to help you!

      Thanks for the kind words and please reach out to us if you ever need help again.

  44. I just want to thank you guys SO MUCH for this! I really had no idea what was going on and the whole thing really just didn’t add up to me. Again, thank you for this article, you have no idea how much it has helped me today!

  45. ashleyrose says:

    Wow!!! This really helped me and saved me tons of money and now my computer is working fine again!!! Thank you :)

    • Emily Nortons says:

      Ashley – we are so glad to see your computer is back up and running after having the FBI Virus!

  46. What happens when the timer on the virus expires?

    • Emily Nortons says:

      Chelsea – Good question. We are only seeing this happen in some rare cases infected with newer variants of the FBI Virus.

      To answer your question: it may make it more difficult to remove the virus. If this happens, we recommend calling our tech support at 1-800-980-0515.

      Please note: these infection are easier to remove at the earliest signed of detection.

  47. Did a system restore after f8 and repairing my computer. Then went to download Spyhunter4 and downloaded and ran it. Found my problem and fixed it! Best product out there! My highest recommendation.

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