PC Tune Up

Most machines, like your car and other devices, need to be tuned up on occasion. Your computer requires similar regular maintenance. The first sign computer users will notice something is wrong with their PC is that it begins to run slowly.

How to Tune Up Your PC

There are many reasons a computer will run slowly, but most often it is due to hidden files in the computer- remnants of millions of bits of data downloaded from websites and downloads. These hidden files will negatively affect the Windows Registry, bogging down your system.  Or they may be malicious and cause Windows errors to occur. Over time if these issues are not fixed properly, they can render the computer useless.

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Common Symptoms for these computer problems include:

  • Computer runs slowly
  • Very Long start-up time
  • Computer will freeze and become unresponsive frequently
  • It takes an extremely long period of time to run a Program
  • Computer get stuck on a Blue Screen


Speed up and restore my pc



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